You spoon me right round

This last week has been mainly spent getting used to the idea of the surgery, reading and making a list of things I need to get to prepare for my pre-op diet as well as eating after it. I bought a couple of books from Amazon – Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies and Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery. I haven’t started on the latter but I’ve been reading a chapter or two every day of the Dummies book.

Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies is one of the usual ‘Dummies’ books that is easy to read and gives hints and tips while going along. The only issue I have with it right now is that it’s very US-centric so some of the tips they give need to be converted, e.g. liquid measurements are in fluid oz rather than ml so I have to keep referring to a note I made in order to convert the amounts. It’s not a big issue but it was a bit annoying to begin with. Anyway, as I’ve not really had much guidance from the hospital regarding my post-op diet then it’s been really interesting to read what the usual procedures are and some common factors to think about.

It was good to know that after surgery I can expect to go through four stages of eating: clear liquids, cloudy liquids, pureed foods, soft foods and then start introducing solids. It does keep saying to refer back to your bariatric team but if they’re not helping me then how am I meant to prepare?! I was told by the pre-assessment nurse that I’ll be given all the information I need before I’m discharged. So that means that my parents will have to go running around to get me anything I need for later that evening. Not good. I need to plan!

I digress. The book has helped me to understand the things I’ll need pre and post-surgery. I’ve started a list of things like a blender, miso soup, measuring spoons, weighing scales, protein powder, a drinking bottle, vitamin supplements, etc. I can start getting them bit by bit over the next 2 months before my surgery so I can spread the cost so that’s good. I haven’t got to the section about recipes yet though so I don’t know what’s in there but if the image on the front is anything to go by (it makes me hungry whenever I get the book out of my bag) then I’m sure they’ll be great too. I might have to try a couple before my pre-op diet starts.

Luckily, I knew I’d need a blender and my parents had a spare so they brought it with them the last time they visited. I tested it out for the first time at the weekend as it had been in the cupboard for quite a while. I decided to make a banana and strawberry smoothie. Well, I totally over-estimated the amount of ingredients I’d need for one cup. I put in two small bananas and about six strawberries. When I first whizzed it it was so thick I could’ve stood a spoon up in it. So I added some milk but this seemed to have a lot less of an effect than I thought it would. So I kept adding the milk. Then I had too much in the blender so had to separate it out into two jugs. Then I added more milk. It was still far too thick but if I’d kept going I would’ve been supplying the whole street with smoothies for a week! I ended up with three full cups (about a pint each) and half a cup over the counter top and over me because I filled the jug too much before whizzing and it all shot up the sides. Marvellous. At least I know the blender works.

I’ve also been doing more shopping on Amazon over the weekend. I had a £25 voucher to spend so I ended up getting some measuring spoons – Kitchen Craft Colourworks Measuring Spoon Set that measure tsps and tbs and Colourworks Measuring Spoon / Cup Set that measure in cups. I love the bright colours of these spoons so I went for both sets. I also got a pretty Aladdin drinking bottle to try and get me to start drinking more water. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m useless with drinking in general and suffer from chronic dehydration so I really need to start drinking more now as otherwise it’ll really affect me after the surgery.

I’ve also seen that miso soup is really good. I didn’t even know there were different kinds! I do now though. I need to get some red miso as I think that’s the one I’ll like. That’s next on my list. I need to get some plastic boxes too as I’ve decided that before I start the diet I’m going to clear out my cupboards of all temptations  and I’ll put the box in my garage. The other box will be for things I’ll need after the surgery such as the miso soup and some sugar-free jelly I’ve already bought.

Look at me being organised.

Anyway, I’ve had an e-mail from the Postroom to say I’ve had a delivery and I’m so excited about seeing my spoons! I have to go and pick them up right now and bask in the glory of their amazing multi-coloured spooniness. How exciting!