Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes me stronger

Exercise-lrgAnd so ends my first week of “Lean, mean, twenty-thirteen”! Happy New Year to you reader people.

I’ve been avoiding the [big fat] elephant in the room since my last trip to the hospital given that I’d just come back from holiday and it was Christmas – two notorious events in my calendar which equal weight gain. I knew I’d put on weight but I just didn’t want to acknowledge it.

However, my resolution for this year is to get fit. I haven’t been able to do much exercise before now because of the complications after surgery and my lack of finances but, as of Friday 4 January, I am now a proud member of my local gym. I am aiming to do at least two sessions a week (Monday and Tuesday) and go to the local pool on Thursdays for swimming and aqua aerobics. I have completed my first week of this, now into my second week and you know what? I’m actually really enjoying it.

EnergieThe gym I’ve joined is called énergie fitness for women and features 10 ‘Motortone’ resistance-based machines. I liked the look of this gym for a couple of reasons: it’s women only, it’s a 30-minute circuit, you get out as much as you put in and it’s specifically aimed at all shapes, sizes and ages. The harder you work, the better workout you get as (like I said above) it’s resistance-based. I got weighed and measured from all angles and will have the same done in 6 weeks’ time to see what the difference is. There’d better be a difference!

SwimI was also really excited (still am) about swimming too as I’ve downloaded an app with swimming challenges. It’s based on the Splashpath website where you can sign up (for free) to a variety of challenges. You can swim the Nile, the English Channel, Loch Ness, the Suez Canal, etc. I’ve chosen to do the “Escape from Alcatraz” challenge where you swim from Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge – a total of 4,891.7m (196 lengths in a 25m pool). Last Thursday I did 30 lengths which is 750m so I’m now 15.3% there and have 165 lengths still to do.

At the moment I don’t feel any different but we’ll see in 5 weeks’ time!

On another note, I had the results back from my blood test in October. It turns out that I’m severely deficient in Vitamin D (living in the UK, are you surprised?!) and Folate. I’ve not really heard of Folate before but, according to trusty Wiki, some of the symptoms of deficiency are loss of appetite and weight loss. Really? Not had that much have I? <raised eyebrow> It can also cause depression. Not had any of that either. The results were:

Folate – 4 ug/L

Vitamin D – 20 nmol/L

I have no idea what these numbers mean or what the normal number should be despite Googling. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday to discuss this though so we’ll see what he says

Despite all this I’m feeling fine with everything else. I’m enjoying the exercise but I do feel like I need more of a fill. I don’t feel any different since the one in December so I’m hoping that when I have my appointment in February they’ll give me another one. I need to shift the weight I’ve put on since holiday/Christmas and get cracking on the rest of it. This is definitely going to be my year!


I now have this in my head. I love this track so I’m sharing. Enjoy!