Right here waiting for stew

I called the hospital last week to finally be told that I have received funding from my local PCT for the surgery. This was an effort in itself considering I’ve been calling every other month or so. Even when I called this time, after some tapping of the keyboard, I was told it hadn’t come through. She could obviously hear the disappointment over the phone and then said, “Well, it can take up to 12 weeks for approval to come through.” I laughed. I’ve been waiting 12 months. She seemed surprised and asked me to wait while she shuffled some papers. I waited. She mumbled something about new computers servers or something. I waited. And then she said there was a letter that said I had been approved. Hmm wonder how long that’d been sitting there. I’d love to know the date on that letter.

Anyway, she told me the next step would be to phone the Admissions Team this week to find out when my next appointment would be. She would pass all my files to the consultant in the meantime.

So I phoned on Tuesday. I was told that the consultant hadn’t put me on the waiting list yet. Once I’m on the waiting list I will be given a pre-assessment appointment which is usually four weeks before surgery. This is what I’m waiting for but it seems that the consultant hasn’t put me on the waiting list yet.

I called today in the hope that this might have changed. I’m sorry to say it hasn’t. It’s now been over a week. C’mon mister! Just give me a sodding date or I might implode in the meantime!