Ride on thyme

In a week’s time I will be starting my pre-op diet to shrink my liver. For once in my life I’m actually looking forward to starting a diet. In a way I wish I could start it today as I’ll be going to the BAFTAs in two weeks and I was hoping to have lost a little bit of weight by then but I’m not allowed to do the diet for more than four weeks. Oh well, I’ll just have to wear the nipple-warming granny pants to hold me in again.

I was given the option of two diets but I’ve gone for the SlimFast version as I think this will be less tempting to cheat on. The other one was about measuring and limiting foods but I know what I’m like (“Just one more spoonful, no-one will know!”) so this one’s easier. SlimFast, SlimFast and nothing but SlimFast, with a side order of bad breath, irritability and constipation. So that’ll be fun then.