Putting on the Ritz

I’ve been very lax with updating again and this time it’s not because I haven’t had anything to write about.

After the last post I had a phone call from the hospital later in the afternoon. I was told that I’d have surgery on Monday 24 September. I was relieved that it was so close but shocked at the same time because it didn’t leave much time for preparation. I’ve only just got back to normal in work with scheduling and things.

On 18 September I had my pre-assessment and then two days later I had another appointment with my consultant because I hadn’t managed to see him during the last appointment. I turned up at the hospital on Thursday 20 September for my appointment at 10.30 only to be told I didn’t have an appointment. Brilliant. The registrar two weeks prior had specifically written on my papers that an appointment was to be made with my consultant within two weeks. I stood there while the guy looked at availability and booked me in. I put the appointment straight into my phone and now it wasn’t showing on the system.

The receptionist was very dismissive and kept saying I didn’t have an appointment. When I became agitated she told me to speak to the nurse. Luckily it was the same nurse from two weeks ago who was there when my consultant left for his ever-so-important meeting elsewhere. I explained what had happened and then she had to look for my file. It was still in the pre-assessment department from a couple of days before so she had to send a little man running down to get it. Luckily, my consultant then gave her the nod which apparently meant he would see me.

I wasn’t in there very long. He examined me and asked me a few questions. He asked me what if the surgery didn’t solve the pain. I said I’d just have to live with it and hope it gets better the more weight I lose. He seemed fine with everything. Maybe he’s only mean to people before surgery because whenever I’d seen him before he always scared me because he was so serious and intimidating. This time he wasn’t actually that bad.

Anyway, on Monday this week (24 September) I had the surgery to reposition the port. All went well. As I’d been through surgery before I wasn’t nearly as nervous this time. They wouldn’t let my mum stay with me until I went to theatre like I did the last time though. They said the rules have changed and she had to go leaving me to sit there waiting. I’m glad it wasn’t like that the last time as I’m not sure I would’ve been as calm for so long before going into the theatre without my mum being there. I had my weight checked, blood pressure taken, blood test, urine sample, filled in lots of forms and then I was taken down.

I laid on the bed in the anaesthetic room while they explained what they were going to do. First they put a needle in the back of my hand – this really bloody hurt, much more than before. Anyway, first they put something into me to numb my vein. I was staring at the clock on the wall, it was just gone 9am, trying to feel everything that was happening, then remember it for later. I couldn’t feel anything. Then they put the anaesthetic in and the lady said I’d start to get sleepy. So I stared at the clock thinking I wasn’t getting sleepy. I thought it’d be like when you’re really tired and your head starts bobbing but I was wide awake, conscious of everything, and then I was waking up in the recovery room. That’s so good stuff!

When I woke up I was really cold.  The nurse put this plastic blanket over me which was like an air bed with tubes going through it, then she turned on this machine and it blew warm air through the blanket. It was lovely and toasty. But, not five minutes later, she turned it off and I was wheeled back to the ward. Damn. It was even colder on the ward so I kept asking for blankets. In the end I had five blankets over me and my dressing gown and I was still cold. They gave me a cup of tea but it meant I had to get my arm out from under the blankets to drink it so I didn’t bother and went back to sleep.

I was discharged later that day after the specialist nurse came to see me. She said I’d had a band fill at the same time and so I was on liquids for two days, then mush for two days and then back to eating properly. So, today I’m back to eating properly. I’ve lost 4lbs this week so far and have now hit the 30lb mark. I’m so pleased with this even though I still can’t see any difference in myself. I don’t feel any different and I can’t see any difference even though I know I’ve gone down in dress sizes. Although I was told yesterday that from photos I look a million dollars. It’s nice to hear the kind of thing to reassure me that things are progressing. So I’m very appreciative of comments like that.

So, I’m on my way again with the weight loss. Let’s hope that once I’m healed the pain will have gone and I can get back to normal. I can join a gym and really get going with things so, as usual, fingers crossed!