Patience wearing wafer-thin

I haven’t updated this blog for a few weeks as nothing has happened in that time. Nothing at all. Each week I’ve been phoning at least twice to find out if I’ve been added to the waiting list and still nothing has been done.

Today I called and was once again told that my consultant needs to add me to the waiting list and then I’ll get a call from the Admissions Team with dates. I said I’d been waiting almost six weeks and I was told that the consultant’s secretary would chase it up this afternoon and either give me a call today or tomorrow. I won’t hold my breath.

I told her that I was concerned that, as most of my tests were completed in 2010 (!!) with the last one in January 2011, I would need to repeat them but she said I wouldn’t. Then she looked at my file to see when my last appointment was – December 5th. I said this was correct but that my last proper appointment was in February because the two appointments I had after that consisted of me waiting ages then seeing two different stand-in consultants, not even my own, who looks at my file, told me that nothing had happened so they would chase it up and then I was on my way home five minutes later. In fact, in the last appointment the consultant thought I’d already had the surgery because I’d been waiting so long!! She then said “Yes, it looks like we’ve failed you.” Yes, I think you have.

I’m just getting really fed up with this now as I feel like my life is on hold. I can’t book a holiday, I have to be careful about the plans I do make in case I need to cancel, and I feel like I can’t buy any new clothes because [hopefully] they won’t fit in a couple of months.

So here I am. Still waiting. And waiting. And waiting.