Passenger forced to stand on flight for 7hrs as obese man took up his seat

A passenger was forced to stand for a seven-hour flight after an obese man sitting next to him took up most of his chair.

Arthur Berkowitz said the 28-stone passenger made it impossible to move on the US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Alaska.

The only way the man could fit in his economy seat was by lifting the armrests – which also meant Mr Berkowitz had no access to a seatbelt during the flight.

His ordeal was revealed on a travel blog where the airline apologised for the ‘regrettable incident’ in July.

‘I didn’t fly from Alaska to Philadelphia on Flight 901,’ Mr Berkowitz told ‘I stood.’

He said flight attendants were ‘sympathetic’ to his predicament but said they were not allowed to let him sit in their jump seats.

After complaining, Mr Berkowitz received a voucher for £120 in compensation for his £500 flight.

US Airlines said in a statement: ‘Our intention is to offer the best travel experience possible.

‘The details you have provided indicate that we have failed to meet our intentions.’


Original article published in Metro:  24/11/2011