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I’m now into week 3 of my pre-op diet and I’m getting fed up. Although I’ve lost 12lbs, I just want to eat proper food. I was late home from work last night and you wouldn’t believe the willpower it took to walk past my favourite Chinese takeaway. I promised myself that if I ignored it then maybe I’ll give myself a treat at the weekend. Well, I managed it and could’ve cried when I got home. I pouted into my SlimFast shake and then went to bed. Only 11 days to go. Counting down the days.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I went to the Television BAFTAs the weekend before last. I’d already had a meltdown the weekend before that because the outfit I had planned on wearing looked terrible on me so then I had to order emergency dresses of the internet. They arrived and they looked even worse than the original outfit! They all made me look like I was either going to a funeral or a job interview. I ended up wearing a dress I had for Lindsey‘s Christmas ball last December.

Me and Lindsey at the BAFTAs

By the time the day came I was feeling a bit better about wearing the dress but I still felt like a lump in it. I don’t usually wear dresses anyway and feel a bit uncomfortable but in this I felt all lumpy. My two friends who came with me looked fantastic though and we did actually have a brilliant night. We walked the red (white and blue) carpet, saw lots of celebrities and even met quite a few after the event.

I usually prefer to have a photo with celebrities rather than autographs as I can always look back on a photo and it’s nicer than looking at a bit of ink on a page. Also, I want to be able to look back at these photos and be amazed that I was once that big. My huge bingo wings grabbing the limelight in photos while all my chins turn to the camera and scream “Cheese!” as I disappear into the background.

While we were hanging around waiting for celebs a lady behind leaned in and said “Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me saying but I saw you inside and I just wanted to say, I think you look amazing. Your dress is fantastic.” Well, if meeting and having photos with famous people wasn’t enough, this comment just made my night. It was such a lovely thing to say and I just wanted to hug her. So I’m taking the step of posting my first photo of myself on here. This way I’ll be able to look back in maybe a couple of months and post a ‘before’ and ‘during’ photo to compare the difference. Maybe I’ll even get to go to the BAFTAs next year and my face will be the centre of photographic attention rather than The Brothers Chin!

The bingo wing, The Brothers Chin and Mark Gatiss (writer of Dr Who and Sherlock, and plays Mycroft Holmes).

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    Liz H

    Well done on losing 12lb! As someone who also struggles with their weight, I’m very much in awe of your willpower.

    By the way, the lady was spot on – that dress is fantastic and you looked amazing :)

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