Moving on up now

It’s now almost a week since I started properly training for Kilimanjaro. Last night I met some of the other people in the team to discuss trip logistics and fundraising ideas, and today I paid my deposit so there’s definitely no going back! Also, this week I’ve lost another 2lbs making a total loss of 10lbs since the beginning of January. Most of this loss I’m attributing to my Fitbit.

FitbitFor those who don’t know, a Fitbit Flex is a device that you wear – in my case, on my wrist like a watch – which monitors your activity (exercise and sleep). You sync it with an app on your phone via Bluetooth where you can also record your food intake either with the built-in food database (very US-centric) or via MyFitnessPal. I tend to add my own stats based on food labels to be properly accurate. It’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or when swimming and it also has a vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning. You can even link up with friends and cheer each other on.

It wasn’t until I was tracking my food intake with the Fitbit that I realised exactly what I was eating and drinking. I thought I had the odd chocolate bar here and there (I don’t have much of a sweet tooth) and maybe a coffee a day. But no, I was having at least THREE cups of coffee per day and quite a few chocolate bars a week. I’ve made changes here and there such as having tea instead of coffee and fruit or some other replacement for the chocolate and it seems to be paying off.

AltitudeCentreStatsAlong with the advice from the dietician as well as Lex from the Altitude Centre, I’m now making more subtle changes to boost my weight loss and help with sugar and energy levels. I used to have 2 cereal bars for breakfast (low calorie Special K bars) but I’ve replaced them with 2 boiled eggs instead. I’m sure my colleagues love me for this! And my afternoon snack is now a couple of Mini Babybels or a banana or whatever.

I’m not sticking to this rigidly and if I go out for dinner or have weekends with people visiting then I haven’t recorded everything I’ve eaten but as long as I’m being sensible then it’s ok in my book. It all seems to be ok anyway if I’ve lost 10lbs in 9 weeks!

FitbitFlexSo, I’ve now linked my Fitbit to my blog (widget to appear shortly) so I can show my weekly stats. This week has been by far my best so far. My main target is 10,000 steps per day but I average 7,000 usually. But with my session at the Altitude Centre on Monday and last night, I think I’m doing pretty well!

Monday – 13,530
Tuesday – 9,059
Wednesday – 15,237

I’m very pleased with this although annoyed that I was only 941 steps off hitting my target on Tuesday. I should’ve done a few laps of my flat before bed. Hopefully, I can keep this up and improve as well. I need to start going out walking more at weekends but that’s sometimes difficult when I have people staying with me.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!