Korma chameleon

attitude is everythingMy weight loss has been stagnating for a while and it’s hard not to get frustrated. I’m trying to stay positive because I can see improvement on my body shape even if the numbers on the scales aren’t moving.

Since coming back from Florida in May, I’ve slipped into my old routine from last year – working long hours and not looking after myself properly. I haven’t been swimming and my attendance at the gym hasn’t been very good either. Plus, my eating habits haven’t been fantastic. Not that I’ve got back to eating all the processed crap I used to but I’ve just not been looking after myself.

I’ve been thinking of kick-starting my weight loss by doing the VLCD again. Maybe not to the extreme that I did it before surgery when it was SlimFast only but going on the regular SlimFast plan with an evening meal just to get started again. I mentioned this to the nurse at my last appointment and she didn’t think it was a problem. I know from past experience that it’s not something I could do long-term (if it was, I wouldn’t have needed the surgery!) but it might work.

I saw a TV programme a couple of weeks ago called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on C5 where a guy named Joe Cross traded in his junk food diet for fresh suit and vegetable juice for 60 days. The transformation was incredible and it was all done under medical supervision. He seemed like an average guy who wasn’t peddling a fad diet but doing something was genuinely for health reasons.

After watching the programme, I found Joe’s website and I’ve been wondering whether to give one of his suggestions a try – either the 3-day or 5-day plan – instead of the SlimFast idea. I’d need to buy a juicer but it doesn’t look like buying all the fruit and veg would be any more expensive than my current grocer spending.

I have another hospital appointment in two weeks so I’ve decided to just get back to my pre-Florida regime and see what I can do before then. If nothing’s changed by then I’ll ask the nurse whether she thinks the juicing might help. I’m not sure I’ll be getting everything I need (protein?) so it might not be a good idea for a WLS person.

I’m back at the gym twice a week and am going back to swimming tomorrow. I’ve been concentrating on my stomach at the gym (rather than my big wobbly bingo wings) and I’ve noticed that it’s changing shape again which is good. I hate weighing and the whole BMI calculation thing and would honestly be more overjoyed at hitting a particular clothes size than a goal weight but it’s still hard to stay motivated sometimes.

I’m staying positive though. As always, I WILL do this. I WILL get to where I want to be. And on that note, all this talking about food has made me hungry and it’s lunch time.