Jump up and get down

Hallelujah! Today it has happened. I have surpassed that golden line. I have lost another 2lbs and I am in my teens again! That’s 12lbs in 12 weeks! Last week was a bit of a nightmare as I was so desperate to get under the mark that I was weighing myself about three times a day. I usually hate weighing myself and even doing it once a week is a chore but because I knew I wanted to just lose that 1lb I just couldn’t help myself.

I did get fed up in the end and I haven’t actually weighed myself in a few days so this morning was a lovely surprise. Considering I had visitors at the weekend and ate out a few times as well as breaking the strap on my Fitbit (sob) then I’m really pleased I’ve lose anything at all.

My steps this week have been a bit poor because I haven’t done much walking as well as the aforementioned breakage. When I got home on Friday, I noticed that the strap was coming apart and was nearly in two pieces. I e-mailed Fitbit on Friday evening and had a response on Saturday saying they would send me a replacement. Great work Fitbit! There is going to be a delay though as it seems the large black strap is very popular. I’ve also ordered one off Amazon though so we’ll see which arrived first.

Anyway, because of the breakage, I haven’t been wearing my Fitbit as much. It does come with a small and large strap but the small is a bit snug on my flabby wrists. I’m wearing it but sometimes it feels a bit claustrophobic, if you get what I mean. Anyway, one of the replacements should be here soon.

ScarpaIn other news, I have my boots! I got them from Cotswold Outdoor in Covent Garden. I went to another shop on the same street because I’d looked on their website and they had what I thought were some good bargains. However, the customer service wasn’t up to much so I left. However, I cannot recommend Cotswold Outdoor enough – the lady in there was fantastic.

I explained what I was doing and then I had my feet measured from all angles (something I haven’t had done since I was about 7 years old!) She brought out a pair of boots that I was instantly in love with. They are the Scarpa R-Evo GTX Boot and they are so cool.

Scarpa2She laced them up for me – literally, I sat there with my foot up while she did the laces up for me! – then I got to walk on this mini-bridge that had different surfaces on it to see how they felt. They were like two big marshmallows wrapped around my feet. They were SO comfortable. The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay but I knew they were going to be expensive. I did try on another pair but I didn’t like them as much. So I got them and the socks I tried them on with as well. I now have 6 months to break them in.

The lady asked me what company I was going with and then said that there are certain companies that Cotswold are affiliated with and when you mention them you get a discount. So I even got a 15% discount! Brilliant service. I’m definitely going back there to sort out the rest of my gear when I know exactly what I need to get.

Still no news on the website being set-up. Bit frustrating but I know there’s still plenty of time yet.