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This is what happens when two ‘adults’ are let loose in Florida without supervision.

It’s been a while.

I haven’t done a proper update since January. I’ve been very lazy. But although I’ve been lazy with blogging I have been very active elsewhere! In my last blog I wrote that I’d joined a gym and been swimming once a week. Well, I’m very proud to say that my gym-going has remained intact. I have tried to stick with going twice a week (Monday and Tuesday) although there have been some weeks where I haven’t managed to go for whatever reason.

For once in my life I can actually say that I really enjoy it too! So much so that I actually turned down a night at a pub quiz to go to the gym. Now, I bloody love pub quizzes so for me to turn down the offer of going to one is definitely out of character. I’m serious about this stuff!

I had two reviews a couple of weeks ago: first was to assess how I’m doing in terms of using the machines and my mental attitude while the second was to see the progress I’ve made so far. The lady who runs it was very impressed with my mental attitude and how much I want this to work. While I was very pleased with my progress report.

I’ve had two hospital appointments since my last update with 2 fills and am now up to 2.5ml. I’m still not noticing much of a difference and my weight hasn’t shifted much but I am very pleased with my progress report from the gym so it all evens out.

Although I’m getting frustrated with not losing weight, the thing that hadn’t even occurred to me is that I lost a hell of a lot of muscle while I was ill between the two surgeries. I didn’t move off the settee for the first 6 weeks after surgery and then movement was limited for a few months after that because of the pain of the port being in the wrong place. It wasn’t until November that I was given the OK to start exercising.

As I’ve been going to the gym and really working hard since January then I’ve been building my muscle back up as well as toning. That’s why I haven’t lost much weight in that time. So I can stop being so frustrated. Although I haven’t been going swimming as much as I’d like. I’ve been a bit slack with the swimming. However, my personal best is still 40 lengths followed by an hour of aqua-aerobics. The minimum I’ve done is 20 lengths in a week with an hour of aqua-aerobics after. So I’m still extremely pleased with this too.

Anyway, going back to my progress report. Before I started at the gym, I was weight and measured all around. On Tuesday 2nd April (12 weeks after joining) I’d lost cms from everywhere. In some places it might’ve been 1-2cms but around my waist I lost NINE centimetres. That’s 3.5 inches. My flexibility has also increased – my reach was measured where I had to sit on the floor with my back against a wall and reach forward as much as possible. Compared to January, this has increased by 16cm. I am so pleased with this. I can’t feel any difference in my clothes but for the first time since my surgery I can actually SEE the difference. I’d noticed the week before my assessment that the shape of my belly was different. Whereas before I used to have this over-hang at the bottom, it is now almost flat. Well, not totally flat but it’s flatter than it was. It’s not hanging any more, just a bit sticky-out.

This means more to me than saying I’ve lost pounds or stones because that means nothing unless I can see the difference. And now I can see it. Hooray!

On Friday, I’m off to Florida for 2 weeks. The whole holiday is packed with stuff to do (8 theme parks, 3 water parks, swimming with manatees, going to an AFL game and seeing Olly Murs!) and it’s going to be fantastic. I’m still a bit worried about going on some rides though after what happened with the Harry Potter ride two years ago. I did write about it in a previous blog where there were issues with me fitting in the seat and was humiliated in front of loads of people. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again. I’m a lot smaller than the last time but I still don’t know if I’m small enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

And then the day after I get back from Florida I’m going to the BAFTAs again. I have a new dress – the most expensive one I’ve ever bought! – and a big squeezy anti-flab suit to wear underneath. This suit is my new favourite thing. I wish I could wear it under everything.

I’ll have to post before and after photos from Florida and the BAFTAs to compare how I look. Let’s hope it’s an improvement!

Right, I’m off to daydream about Florida because I definitely haven’t done enough of that over the last month or so. You wouldn’t believe how much I’m looking forward to it. I’ve even bought a new brightly-coloured bathing suit for the water parks which I can’t wait to wear!


The Floriday (Florida Holiday) V4.0 itinerary.
The Floriday (Florida Holiday) itinerary.