I would walk 500 miles

It’s been an interesting week…

I had a hospital appointment last Tuesday where I was very pleased to find out that I’d lost 2.3kg since my appointment in January. I think it’s the first time I’ve had an appointment where I wasn’t anxious before going in because I thought I hadn’t lost any weight and was letting them down so that felt really good.

I also had a fill of 0.75ml which now takes me up to 6ml. There was a discrepancy here as, according to my notes, I had 6.5ml in August last year. However, at my December appointment with a new nurse, she took out what was in there just to see exactly what was what and only found around 4ml. So I’m now going by this new number.

Since the fill I’ve had some problems eating. As usual following the procedure, I had soup/liquids for 24 hours and then soft food (e.g. cottage pie) after that. But even the soft foods were getting stuck. Last weekend was a nightmare because regardless of what I ate or how much I chewed, it was all getting stuck and I was being sick quite often. I went for meze on Sunday with the family to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday and had to leave the table twice because I wasn’t very well.

However, I think I’m now getting used to it. I really need to pay attention to how I’m eating food. I need to take small bites, chew and chew and chew, and then wait before taking my next small bite. It’s getting better so that’s good. I was concerned that I’d have to call the hospital if it didn’t improve.

photoI haven’t lost any weight this week so I’ve not gone under that golden line just yet. There will be leaps of joy when it happens though, I can assure you. I’m on the cusp of greatness!

So, what other changes have a made recently? Well, as previously mentioned, gone are the cereal bars and replaced with boiled eggs for breakfast. I’m drinking tea rather than coffee, drinking more squash (still no water) and I’m having an afternoon/pre-gym snack of a couple of Mini Babybels and some almonds. I now want to avoid red meat, add in some more greens and slowly cut down on sugar and salt.

I did 2 nights at the Altitude Centre and 1 night at the gym this week so my steps are looking good and the plan for tomorrow (Saturday) is a leisurely stroll – i.e. walking from High Barnet to Euston as I did a few years ago when I was training for the MoonWalk Marathon. According to Google Maps it works out to just over 12 miles for the route that I’m doing. Apparently, I read on a website that if you can walk 50 miles (not quite 500!) in one week then you have done the Machame Route. So, I guess that’s another goal. Maybe I’ll have to start walking to work in the morning. Maybe.

I found out yesterday that I might be going to Berlin for work on Monday and Tuesday next week and the first thing I thought of was “Well, that buggers up my training!” rather than “Oooh I’ve never been to Berlin before!” So that was a bit strange. I’ll find out today whether I’m actually going so I’ll probably need to rearrange my bookings at the Altitude Centre for next week. Is it sad that all I can think about is Kilimanjaro?!

Still waiting for official confirmation of the trek from GOSH and a donating website so that I can start writing to people/companies. I did do a bit of a Twitter-thon last night and tweeted some celebs I follow asking if they’d donate something for a raffle. I got two replies so hopefully, once I get the bits and pieces I need, I’ll be able to write to more people and plead with them too.

Onwards and upwards!