I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Pre-Op Diet: Day 3

I started my pre-op diet on Monday and so far it’s been very up and down. I’m not struggling with hunger or cravings yet but the side effects have been a nightmare.

I’ve been timing it so that I have my first shake around about 10am. Coffee flavoured so it replaces my morning coffee. Then for lunch around about 2pm I had miso soup and a SlimFast cereal bar. At 6pm I have either a strawberry or chocolate shake and then at 9pm I have a cup of OXO stock followed by either a chocolate or strawberry shake and then some sugar free jelly.

That was what I had on Monday anyway. Yesterday I had my breakfast and lunch as normal but after lunch I began feeling nauseous and had a headache. This gradually got worse and I had to go outside for some air but it was just as warm outside as it was in the office ( Londoners always complain about the weather – either too cold or too hot) so I went for a lie down in the sick room. I’m a First Aider so it had its perks! After about 30 minutes I felt better although the headache was still there so I went back to my desk.

The nausea was coming in waves but i was coping. Trying to force water down to stave off potential dehydration but it just wasn’t helping. Then, around about 5.45pm this wave came over me where I just knew I was going to be sick but I was also dizzy and couldn’t even stand. All I could do was turn my chair and vomit on the floor next to my desk. How embarrassing. My assistant was still there luckily and most people had already left so I managed to ask him to get some paper towels and I sorted myself out. It was only a little bit of vomit, mostly water, but I felt so much better after it. The headache was getting worse but at least the sickness had passed. So I left work.

On the tube I managed to get a seat fairly quickly and just sat perfectly still with my eyes closed the whole time. Any movement felt like my head was going to explode. When it came to my stop, the station is at the bottom of a steep hill. This almost killed me. I was trying to go so very slow as to not make my head pound but I still had to stop a couple of times to have a bit of a cry and compose myself before moving on. The sun was beautiful in the evening sky but it just felt like lasers going through my eyes so I was trying to shield myself most of the way. I finally got to the top of the hill and then started walking down my street. By this time I was very hot, my head was pulsating and then I was almost sick again. Great. After what seemed like an hour I finally made it home. I changed out of my clothes and laid on the bed. When I wasn’t moving I could just about cope but even going from laying on my side to my back felt like death

I ended up falling asleep and was woken almost 3 hours later by my mum phoning to make sure I was ok. It was 10pm. I managed to get out of bed and watch TV for a bit but then I was back in bed and asleep again by 11.30pm. I didn’t even have the last 2 shakes I was meant to.

Today has been SO much better. I still have the lingering remnants of the headache but it’s manageable. I had my breakfast as normal but couldn’t face the miso soup so I went out and bought some beef OXO cubes. I had one for lunch and half a SlimFast cereal bar but I didn’t want any more. I also had some Diet Sprite which made me feel better. I hadn’t had any salt, sugar or caffeine since Sunday so I’m really hoping that’s what made me I’ll yesterday. Just withdrawals.

I’m about to have my dinner now – chicken OXO, strawberry shake and some jelly. I really want curry sauce and chips but I’m not craving it, just fancy it as I walked past the Chinese on my way home. Doesn’t matter tho, I’ll make do with what I have planned. I like OXO. Good job really!

So that’s day 3. Only 25 to go!