Holiday. Celebrate.

On Saturday I got back from two weeks in Florida. It was fantastic, as it always is, and I loved every minute. It’s been three years since the last time I was there and was a bit anxious about whether I’d be able to fit into some of the ride seats as I mentioned in my last update. However, although I did have to aim for the seats for ‘people with larger dimensions’, I didn’t have to struggle to do up the belts or close the restraints like before. I even managed to go on the Harry Potter ride without any problems! Success.

Swimming with manatees, wearing the Magisculpt swimsuit from Simply Be.
Swimming with manatees, wearing the Magisculpt swimsuit from Simply Be.

The whole holiday was great. Unlike previous visits, I rarely finished a meal and even if it was one of those all-you-can-eat buffets I only managed maybe two small plates at the most. I’m definitely noticing a difference in the amount I’m eating now compared to the last time I was in Florida. I’d easily have polished off three big plates and a dessert at those buffets before.

And, get this, I even had more confidence at the water parks. I bought this gorgeous new swimsuit from Simply Be before going. It’s a Magisculpt one so shapes really nice and it held in all my lumpy bits. I felt so much better in this than I did with my old tankini. I even went swimming with manatees wearing it. I think they were impressed. Also, previously I would have worn board shorts to hide my body even more. I did buy a couple of pairs before going this time but I felt uncomfortable in them and ditched them pretty soon. No covering up any more!

The leopard print trousers from Torrid.
The leopard print trousers from Torrid.

For the first time in ages I also went clothes shopping. Twice. And loved it. I bought quite a few new clothes from Torrid. I’ve shopped with them online before but mainly bought T-shirts. In the store I bought denim shorts, a knitted top, a funky striped vest, a Ramones T-shirt and my new favourites – cropped leopard print trousers! I love them. They are so comfortable and a year ago I would never have even contemplated wearing anything like this. I would always wear dark clothes and hide away. Now I’m wearing patterns and bright colours and being daring. Look at me go! I wish they had Torrid shops (or even a website) in the UK.

I still got a bit miffed that the really cool Marvel T-shirts in the D Street store Downtown Disney didn’t have my size though. I did buy this Iron Man T-shirt that’s blatantly too small but it was so cool I’m aiming to slim down into it at some point. I have goals, y’know. I’ve also just noticed other merchandise on that site that I want. No, step away from the Marvel. My credit card can’t take it! And I can’t fit in it yet so it’ll have to wait anyway.

I just looked at some photos on Facebook taken of me in Florida in 2010 for comparison. I look awful! I can see a difference in size though, which is good. I hope when I go back in 2015 (yes, I’m planning it already) that I look even better. Here’s a comparison shot to show the difference.

At Universal's Islands of Adventure, wearing denim shorts and striped vest from Torrid.
At Universal’s Islands of Adventure, wearing denim shorts and striped vest from Torrid.

Anyway, I knew I’d put on a bit of weight while we were away. It was inevitable. And I knew I had a hospital appointment when I got back but I didn’t actually realise it was today. I thought I’d be able to do a few sessions at the gym to shift a couple of pounds and then have the appointment. Never mind. I’ve put on half a kg which isn’t too bad. The nurse said it wasn’t too bad considering I went to Florida too. She was fine about it.

I’ve had another fill which now takes me up to 4.75ml in total. She said I need to only eat when I’m hungry rather than trying to eat at specific times as I’ve been doing. I usually have a banana before leaving the house, breakfast when I get into work, lunch around 1.30pm, a piece of fruit before leaving work (if I’m going to the gym) and then dinner around 7-8pm. But she said that if I don’t feel like eating the banana before leaving (I never do) then I don’t have to. I need to be more conscious of when I’m actually hungry rather than sticking to a routine. Works for me! It’s harder for me to do that anyway because I never want to eat at proper times.

At the BAFTAs wearing the Kiyonna dress from Curvety.
At the BAFTAs wearing the Kiyonna dress from Curvety.

The nurse also said that the band holds 10ml but they never go up that far. People usually vary between 5-7ml and then some only manage two meals a day. So I’ve now got 4.75ml so I should definitely start seeing a difference in what I’m eating because I still think I’m eating too much. I know I’m eating less but I still think it’s too much.

We’ll see how it goes anyway. Back to the gym, next week – I have yet another cold (5th this year!) and still have a bit of jet lag so I’m having a couple more days before getting back into it. I also wrote that I have ‘jet leg’ at first. Not entirely sure what that is but sounds a bit more serious than jet lag so I’m glad I don’t have it.

Almost forgot! I went to the BAFTAs on Sunday. I wore my new dress – the most expensive dress I’ve ever bought. It’s a Kiyonna dress from Curvety and it has thick but delicate lace over an under-dress and is very flattering and comfortable. I even splashed out on some Vivienne Westwood jewellery to add a bit of colour. It’s a shame it wasn’t great weather on Sunday though as I wanted to show off the dress a bit more. I want to wear it again but don’t have any posh events in my calendar for the foreseeable future. Maybe I should just wear it to work on casual Friday and get some wear out of it. Too much?