Going the distance – Cake

I haven’t updated in a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy but for very good reasons. So, an update…

My last post was on 27th February when I was still waiting for a date, still calling the hospital and getting nowhere. Well, maybe my ranty post did the trick because 2 days after that I was FINALLY told I’d been added to the waiting list. My pre-surgery assessment is going to be on 3rd April. Oh my god.

I had my usual freaking out/bouncy excited moment but that’s all calmed down a little bit now and I’m more calm. Still a bit freaked out on the inside that this is finally happening after so long but excited at the same time, obviously.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been looking at myself more in the mirror. I hate looking at myself in the mirror but I kinda want to memorise everything about myself. I keep looking at certain lumps and bumps and thinking “Well, I’m not going to miss YOU” and “Hehe, yeah you’re going!” and that sort of thing. I wonder how the excess skin might affect me though as I’m not as young as I used to be (hah!) and I don’t drink enough water so the elasticity in my skin might not be so good.

Anyway, on another note – I’ve recently been working on designing and building two websites for a friend and my mum. It got me thinking… there aren’t really many UK-based websites that combine medical/surgical information on WLS with personal stories from people who are having or have had it done. When I first set out on this journey the only websites I could find were from the surgical perspective about technical aspects of the surgery. I couldn’t find any that were from actual people who were willing to answer any questions I had. My mum’s wary about the surgery as is my dad and my brother, but there was nowhere I could point them so they could read up and put their minds at ease.

So I’ve decided to set up my own website that combines both these sides. I’m going to continue with this blog, writing my own experiences about what I’m going through so that I have my own personal record of how things have gone on. I also want to hear from anyone who’s had the surgery and might be interested in contributing, either as a one-off or as an ongoing project. When did you begin your WLS journey and how have you got on? Although I want this to be mainly UK-based as the system is different in other countries, I’m still looking for stories as the surgery itself will be the same. If you’re interested in contributing then please let me know.

Additionally, I’m trying to build a medical page so that all the technical details are included – the types of surgery, what exactly is involved, etc. I’m also going to look at obesity in general, adding in statistics and newspaper/magazine reports about what’s going on in the UK and around the world to combat this “epidemic”. I’m hoping to be able to get some experts to comment on this or even contribute to blogging in the same was as above – either as a one-off or ongoing. This is proving a bit difficult at the moment though as the professionals are expecting to be paid or are too busy. I’m still working on it though.

Other aspects of the website will include a FAQ page with general questions being answered as well as a Links page to other sources of information, WLS/obesity websites and blogs. If you know of specific links I should add to this page please let me know. I welcome any thoughts and feedback on this.

I don’t have a launch date yet as I’m also still working on another website for a friend but I will let you know when I’ve almost finished.

In the meantime, I’m counting down the days to my appointment. Not long to go before I’m finally counting down the number of days to my surgery! Then I’ll start to panic again.