Blogging: What’s it all about?

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Blogging-bigBy Judy Cogan
Take It Easy Magazine, 13 January 2013

From mummy musings to dating disasters every man and their dog seems to have a blog these days – literally. We meet four bloggers and chat to experts in the know about the sudden trend of sharing seemingly inane information on the internet. Is it self-indulgent waffle or does it make for compelling reading? You decide…

Blogging is becoming more popular everyday. The term comes from the phrase ‘web log’ and is an online diary to share with friends and beyond.

It’s a platform for people to say what they like, when they like, on anything from motherhood to fashion and people are starting to listen. Just look at 14-year-old fashion bloggers lining the front row at London Fashion Week. And when speak, politicians now listen.

‘Blogging started as a means to log personal stories that’s why it’s still seen as being self-indulgent,’ says Leon Emirali, marketing and PR executive, social media analyst and co-author of the Social Media for Business. ‘Modern blogs however, cover a wide-range of topics, be it travel, health or food. Blogging allows people to express opinions and advice to an audience which would previously be unreachable.’

In 2005, at the age of 19, Peter Cashmore set up Mashable, a technology blog from his bedroom in Scotland. Seven years on and Cashmore is a multi-millionaire after US news giant CNN bought the site for $200million. Mashable is the ultimate blogging success story.

But what makes a good blog? Janet Bebb, Owner & Social Media Specialist at Social Progress Ltd gives her tips on how to create a successful blog. She advises: ‘Choose a compelling title – something which grabs attention, include some tangible facts and figures and solve a problem for potential readers. Keep sentences short, use visuals and let your personality come across. And most importantly allow people a chance to add their comments.’

Inspired? Here’s four people who’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

Pet Blog

Jessica Wilkinson, 28, lives in Leeds, W Yorks with fiance Marco Maccio, 30.


STARTED: March 2012.

UNIQUE — USERS: Approx 500 a month.

UPDATES: Twice a month.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Velcrodog documents my thoughts, experiences and opinions on all aspects of owning a dog. My pooch is called Lupo, he’s a three-year-old pedigree doberman. I review products, websites and share my experiences and the quirks of dobermans. They’re not monsters, like people may think.

THE IDEA? I work for Stickyeyes, a digital marketing agency. I spotted a gap in the market for a blog focused on dog ownership in the same way mums write about raising children. Velcrodog comes from Lupo, who sticks to us like Velcro!

WHAT’S THE BEST BIT ABOUT BLOGGING? The chance to collaborate with some great brands. One of the first to approach me was the RSPCA. Our next review will be of a pet photo shoot on sale through ADVERTISING? No, I just don’t have the traffic volume yet.

DO YOU EARN A LIVING FROM IT? No, but I love my day job and feel lucky I can do both.

Mummy Blog

Laura Driver, 34, lives in W Yorks with husband Andy, 43, children Lily, eight, Charlie, six, and step-daughter Kelly, 17.


STARTED: Four and a half years ago.

UNIQUE — USERS: Approx 10,000 a month.

UPDATES: Once a week.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? The funny things of family life, but most importantly it’s a record of my children’s lives. I lost my mother to cancer when I was nine and my father has a terrible memory. I want my kids to have a record of the fun times.

THE IDEA? I started blogging to keep my dad, who was living in Spain, up-to-date on family goings on. It quickly became something more as other parents got involved. If I make someone laugh it gives me a sense of achievement.

THE BEST BIT? I have travelled on family trips to America, Spain and Holland. I am now an ambassador for Lego, Playmobil, Yeo Valley and Morphy Richards. I work for a media agency as a Social Media Analyst solely because of my online presence through the blog.

ADVERTISING? Yes, brands such as Lego and Playmobil advertise.

DO YOU EARN A LIVING FROM IT? I couldn’t live off the earnings, but it’s certainly a very welcome boost to our income since my husband and I set up a new online business, Boo & Boy

Dating Blog

Sarah Finley, 30, North London, Freelance journalist and PR is single


START DATE: May 2009.

UNIQUE — USERS: 2,000 a month.

UPDATES: Twice a month.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? It’s a dating blog. I started it three years ago when someone broke up with me who I thought was ‘the one’. He was my first blog – about dating Mr Perfect then I went on to write about getting back into dating. I think telling my tales of bad dates makes girls feel like they’re not alone.

THE IDEA? There was so much I wanted to say on the subject and my friends were all coming across the same problems be it the perils of online dating or men never calling.

THE BEST BIT? I get to write about dating and it’s therapeutic, especially if you’ve had a bad experience. I also get great feedback.

ADVERTISING? No. I’ve been approached by dating companies but haven’t taken up any offers.

DO YOU EARN A LIVING FROM IT? No, it’s just for fun.


Joanne Jones, 32, is an Editor from London is single.


STARTED: February 2012.

UNIQUE — USERS: approximately 600 per month.

UPDATES: Twice a month.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Three years ago I had enough of being overweight and, having tried all the diets going, I opted for weight loss surgery. I found there wasn’t really anyone I could talk to about it so I set up my own blog. I combine my thoughts with news articles about obesity, medical information and stories of other people experiencing weight loss problems.

THE IDEA? I’ve always enjoyed writing and designing and I wanted to share my story and maybe help anyone else in my situation.

THE BEST BIT? It’s a way of expressing yourself, venting, sharing, informing, helping, etc. I like the idea that someone might find it helpful.

ADVERTISING? I advertise some apps created by one of the contributors.

DO YOU EARN A LIVING FROM IT? No and it’s not really my goal. I work full time.

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